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Update on the shopfront improvements. 39-41 High Street ‘The Golden Cake’ has been completed, with completely new shop front, new shop sign, awning, interior shutters and external pillars. In addition, the brickwork to the upper floors have been cleaned and re-pointed, and the windows repainted.  Similar work is ongoing to the International Supermarket and Oxfam buildings, both of which will be completed in January 2017 to feature multi-coloured architectural lighting to accentuate the intricate mouldings on the walls.


Work experience scheme – one local resident previously unemployed and one post-grad. As part of the Council’s continued commitment to local labour and employment, 2 work experience opportunities were offered as part of the project for a nine-week period until the end of October 2016. One previously unemployed local resident benefitted from the placement and has subsequently found permanent employment.


Oral history interviews underway. Walthamforest Oral History Workshop has been commissioned to interview local people about the history of the St James Area, how the place and people have changed over time. The interviews are well underway and due to be completed in February followed by an exhibition in March 2017.  The recorded interviews and photographs  will be archived at the Vestry House Museum and made available to anyone who wishes to see them and listen to the recordings.


Local school visits – 5th December 2016. School visit by 5th Form pupils of Mission Grove Primary School, aimed at increasing their interest in and awareness of heritage and conservation. The pupils will take part in interactive activities including a ‘treasure hunt’ to locate and identify key building features of architectural and heritage value. The Mill @Coppermill Lane will also host an activity and provide mince pies!

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Photo Documentation: A local photographer has started documenting the key stages of the project as well as the people involved with and affected by the scheme. So do visit the site again for up to date pictures.